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Being a super martial arts lover, Sabrina naturally heard of the news regarding this mysterious man. And now, she was on the communication website, crazily gathering any information she could find of this mysterious genius.


Yup, since this little fellow had been born, he naturally needed to treat it with kindness. Hong Dali thought for a while, then said, “Seeing how it produces cracking sounds when it was eating the shell, let’s call it Acka. But I wonder whether it’s a male or female…”


“Why are there so many Zergs here?” Whilst chasing the Zergs, the captain frowned and pondered. “Could it be that there is something on Earth that’s attracting the Zergs? If not, according to logic, even if the Zergs appear here, there shouldn’t be such a massive scale. And from the looks of it, their destination is fixed on Earth. Even with we chasing and killing them from behind, there isn’t any response from them. This is really strange…”


“Yup, but before we go…” Hong Dali stretched out his finger and poked the little grey bird Acka that was nesting on his head. “Acka, we are going offline now. Where will you be going for this period?”


“Wahahahaha.” Gates laughed. “You’re the strong person who fought the entire night with me, indeed. Exactly what’s on my mind!”


Upon hearing the clerk announce that he had gotten into the Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, the youth named Shen Gaoyi jumped up excitedly. Oh yeah, hahahaha, I finally became an Honorary Aristocrat Reserve!

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Great! The clerk quickly announced loudly. Na Tairan from the Planet Heavens Vault, twenty-six years old, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared it on the sixty-second attempt. Eligible to be promoted to Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, intermediate level.


Dont worry, I will come back to visit often. Hong Dali smiled and suddenly asked, Uncle Chief, from your expression, I can tell something is wrong.


It might not definitely be a good sword, but it is definitely a cheap sword…


Speak up. What is so urgent? Gate pouted. If its a small matter, dont blame me for throwing you out.


“En, that’s easy, then.” The man with eagle eyes nodded slightly and slowly asked, “Do you accept human heads?”


Mister Eagle Eye took drew his black sword and said, “Your work is too shoddy. Let me do it!”


Gem processing, embedding, and magic enhancement: Use one hundred attribute points to unlock skill upgrade. Skill upgrade: Host can use one million Galaxy Dollars to combine two attribute gems. After combination, the original attributes of the gems will be reduced by two points. Combined gems will have double attributes. Additional explanation: Funds spent on this will not be taken into the total squandered value. Next level: Ability to combine gems into triple attribute gems and point reduction from original value reduced.



If it were another Honorary Aristocrat who was talking to him so rudely, he might have let it slide. After all, their skills would have been at about the same level. He would still see them around and it was best to stay on good terms. But this was just a lowly lackey who dared say that he was nothing in his eyes! Damn, this he could not tolerate!



“It’s a Strength +14 gem, what do you mean a few points of attribute?” Tang Long raged. “It’s less than one in ten thousand, and you say that the attribute is not high?”


This silver-level Honorary Aristocrats name was Galleon. He could be considered a business prodigy. The piece of land that he was trying to sell that day had always been a thorn in his fleshhe had bought it for 35 million with plans to develop it. After all, the future of the property market on the Galaxy super planets was still pretty good. However, after he bought it and prepared to develop it, he found out that the piece of land was completely unsuited for developing. The ground was mainly a mix of rocks and sand. The hard places were super hard and the loose places were made up of loose sediment. It was impossible to build anything high. He could insist on developing it, but the costs would be six times as muchwhat would he earn then? His net profit ratio margin would be pulled down!


This is really The old man didnt know whether to cry or laugh. This young man is interesting Speaking up to this point, he pulled open the door and said, Alright, enough talking. Ill go take a look at my son. Its been a while.

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