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“Damn it.” Jiang Qianxue violently shook her head and muttered, “Why did I suddenly think of that prodigal, the difference between him and my hero is way too big, bigger than 100,000 lightyears. Why did I suddenly think of him?”


There was not much competition between both. Ordinary Honorary Aristocrats and Double Honorary Aristocrats were under two different systems. There was no dispute of interest. Hence, it was easier to establish a relationship.


Okay, okay. Hong Dali grinned as he consoled Jiang Qianxue. Lets go. This level sells accessories, let me buy you some. Tell me if you see anything you like. Everyone else can get some too.


Actually, gold-level Double Aristocrats wouldn’t be allocated Third Order Planet-level warriors as guards. However, Hong Dali was different—Yin Tianzong was naturally extra concerned about him.


Although they were only experimental lovers, Jiang Qianxue had quite a good impression of Hong Dali. No matter what he was, he was her first friend and she did not want to see him make a loss.


After all, it was a Galaxy Aristocrat sitting there, drinking and chatting. It was a very important person with absolute power. If they did not serve her properly, they might lose their lives.

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Why would I be jealous? Hong Dali led everyone into the Honorary Aristocrats area. The auction should be starting soon. Lets go in and take a look.


Jiang Qianxue looked at Hong Dali and mentally compared him to the image of the super genius she had in her mind. She concluded that they were as different as Heaven and Earth. The difference was at least ten thousand light-years.


“Me?” Hong Dali looked around and said, “I am not sure. How do I find you guys?”


With that thought, Jiang Qianxue immediately said, “Okay, since it’s like that, I will look for Hong Dali for a chat instead. You go do whatever you were doing.”


Mu Huaqing schemed quietly. A shop that loses money every day, it wont be easy to turn losses into profit. Does this Hong Dali think hes so good at making money? Does he really have something up his sleeves? But he looks at most eighteen or nineteen-years-old. He doesnt look like such a capable person. This shop would need at least two hundred thousand to one million to take over. How much can one piece of gem-embedded equipment earn? The net profit is too low. Thats why not many Honorary Aristocrats are in this business. But this Hong Dali, why does he insist on doing this?


A prosperous man would have a full set of top-grade gems. A rich man would have a full set of double attribute gems! And only a tycoon would have more than ten people who had full sets of double attribute gems!


Hence, the shop owner hurriedly replied, Actually, its nothing. Its just that Im not managing it well and have lost some money. Hence, I decided to let the shop go before I go bankrupt



Dad, I have not massaged your shoulders for such a long time. Tang Muxins tears welled up. Although she had fun with Hong Dali, it felt different to see her parents after leaving home for such a long time.



Eh? How come there were only 110 points? Hong Dali was perplexed, but he soon understoodMain Mission Two required him to squander ten million. That meant that he would get one hundred attribute points. If the task complete bonus was added to that, it would be a total of one hundred and ten points. In the end, he squandered a total of 34.65 million. The extra would not be counted


Actually, its simple. Jiang Qianxue smiled. Every round will have its own coaches to grade the contestants. Grading will be based on their voice, lyrics, and songs. Its very strict. The total score will include votes from the audience. The maximum points one can get is ten thousand. Anyone that gets more than six thousand points will pass the stage to become the top one hundred in each city. The second rounds minimum score is seven thousand, third round eight thousand, fourth round nine thousand and above. The scoring is not only from the live audience but will also depend on their popularity and the votes from the online audience. In order to emerge as the winner, one will have to get at least nine thousand points. Its not easy. But the winner will definitely be the most popular person and the best.


Since he had made up his mind, Tianyi swept his hair back rakishly and grinned. I must have misjudged you. You may be a lackey, but you sure have some moves.

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